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Quick response on-site services available to Isle of Wight area home and business users.

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computer System and Data Security Services

We can assist with your computer related queries, but in the rare event that we can't offer a solution, we won't charge you for our time, no matter how long we have spent on-site or diagnosing in our workshop prior to reaching this conclusion.

Collection and return service available for local (Isle of Wight, UK) area customers.


Backing up data is unfortunately, the most overlooked or neglected aspect of data security (until a catastrophic failure of a machine or drive), and if you are bound by regulations that define how your sensitive client data should be stored, you will know that encryption is a standard requirement by the relevant authority, for both your computer system and stored data, with details of such to be provided on inspection.

We can provide one-off or scheduled services and a choice of encrypted or un-encrypted backup solutions over a wide range of local and remote systems.

UPS systems
Uninterruptable power supplies are not only available to large organisations. Smaller home and office based systems are available and provide anywhere between 10 minutes and up to several hours of emergency power to your systems in the event of a local power failure.

This allows time to save files and shut down systems safely if required without losing work or risking O/S, application or data corruption, and can also provide additional protection to your systems and data from power brownouts and power spikes.

Anti-virus / Malware / Spyware / Firewalls
We can assist in securing your system using these methods and are familiar with most 'professional user' and 'home user' vendors.

Updates / Patches / Maintenance
One-off or scheduled services for system updates, patches and file system maintenance are available to ensure your systems are not vulnerable to recently found exploits in Operating Systems, application software and system hardware.

System and data security
From anti-virus and anti-malware to encryption for compliance purposes, we frequently advise, configure and maintain these elements for our clients.

We also assist in secure decomissioning of older systems and secure data destruction.

Encryption solutions
We can assist with encryption of data for various purposes, including deniable encryption.

Sample information from some of the recent tasks we have completed:
Job Detail / Diagnosis Action
Compliance review Data backup / Data encryption of stored data
Anti-virus issues Remove malware and initiate anti-virus via C/L
Windows not starting (Win7) Windows update incompatibility
Email backup / transfer Backup and move data to new system
Hard drive file system corruption Recover data using non-invasive techniques

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